July to Sept 2020 - Vol. 3
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~ 3rd Quarterly E-Newsletter ~

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With the Coronavirus/Covid-19 still causing havoc in our communities,
we urge you to please be very careful as you venture outside.

           We thank you for waiting patiently for our on-line store.

           In our previous E•Newsletter we stated that we were going to launch our Marin Latin Foods™ eStore this month, July, however, due to the Covid-19 shutdowns we were unable to do so. Unfortunately, because of this time of uncertainty, we have no alternative but to reschedule our opening for either September 1st or October 1st of this year depending on the pandemic outcome.

           An E•Newsletter SPECIAL will be sent to you on either one of those two dates to inform you that we are open for business. We are looking forward to finally making available to you one of the healthiest and the best tasting products in the Latino Food industry.

           Below is a sneak peek of what our on-line store website looks like.

           When developing our website we paid careful attention to making sure that it was easy to navigate and as informative as possible in both English & Spanish, but most importantly, we needed to protect your information and credit card payments. When you sign up for an account you not only can password protect your account, but we have also included an extra layer of protection by adding e-commerce industry-standard 256-bit SSL encryption that secures your private information throughout out entire website!

           As a reminder, the following are the first four products we will be releasing:

• “Mi Sofrito Puro™” is our flagship product. This is very popular amongst our dedicated customers who have been waiting patiently for it to be released. It is a secret, time-saving blend of select vegetables and herbs. When combined with our special process, a culinary base is formed that creates a quality and flavor which clearly separates it from other brands. It is used to Marinate many of your dishes.

• “Puerto Rican Style Pork Roast Rub” is our own proprietary blend specifically made for the Hispanic community. In this carefully blended recipe we combine all the traditional ingredients used by Puerto Rican families when they cook Pernil (Roasted Pork). This is such a time saver. Just add oil, Mi Sofrito Puro™ and sazon and you’re all set to Marinate your Pernil.

• “Bell Peppers & Onions” is a spice blend we have never seen in any mom & pop supermarket, bodega (Spanish grocery store), major supermarket, etc… Once you have tried it, you too will wonder why it was not available until now.

• “American Style Pork Roast Rub” is uniquely different than our Puerto Rican variety, but is also a time saver. Just add oil, Mi Sofrito Puro™ and sazon.

           Our Mi Sofrito Puro™ will be available in quart, pint and ½ pint containers. The containers are straight-sided with twist-on lids to keep the sofrito much fresher. Our competitors used press-on lids which are not nearly as air-tight.

           The spices will first be available in 5.5oz round spice bottles. Once our products have gained acceptance in the market, and the sales have increased substantially, we plan to release much larger containers not only for the consumers but for commercial establishments.

Environmental Note:

           Our containers are BPA-free and odor-free. You can reuse them many times for storing left-overs and other items. Re-purposing them sends less trash to our landfills.

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A 2020 look into the 4th Quarter

2020 is a year of vision. With our products in high demand our first expansion is moving into an incubator (commercial kitchen) in order to ramp-up production. To stay up-to-date, don’t miss our 1st Quarterly E-Newsletter in January of 2021.

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