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Alcapurrías Recipe (Stuffed Yautía & Plantain Fritters)

As stated in “The Founders” page, Paul, ‘at an early age, was taught how to cook by his father, Gonzalo Marín.’ Since then, he has cooked many Hispanic dishes and has now decided to share these recipes with you.

This Alcapurría Recipe is just one of his signature dishes, which many of his family and friends love.

For your convenience, he has made it possible for you to print this recipe card FREE of charge. Click HERE to print!

Marin Blog

Marín de La Isla Verde™, is a manufacturer of authentic Hispanic foods and was established in May of 2009 by Paul G. Marín Sr. This is their Blog.

One thought to “Alcapurrías Recipe (Stuffed Yautía & Plantain Fritters)”

  1. WOW>>> This is great. Thanks for the recipe. I just followed it to the “t” and all of them were eaten by my family and and some friends I had over for dinner, on that same night. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

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