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“Do No Harm – From the Start!” Our Future Products.

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MDLIV came into being to give Hispanic consumers a healthier choice of products. As many of you know, this began with Paul and his family trade-secret recipe for premium sofrito, Mi Sofrito Puro. We have other products on the horizon that are healthier versions of what is currently on the market. There is no need for us to imitate the garbage that some other companies sell, only to try to change our reputation later, with “New and Improved” this or that! We always start with what is healthy!

We are also committed to R&D (Research & Development) to come out with new products, that no one else sells, but that test great in our trials. At this point, there are at least 10 exciting products, just waiting for the finishing touches before they touch your tastebuds. And remember, all the products will be pure and natural, and will “Do No Harm – From the Start!”

Marin Blog

Marín de La Isla Verde™, is a manufacturer of authentic Hispanic foods and was established in May of 2009 by Paul G. Marín Sr. This is their Blog.

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