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Island of Enchantment ♥ La Isla Del Encanto

Image on this post is cut off left & right because the original image is used in the slider on the main page.

This is why they call Puerto Rico…

“The Island of Enchantment”

“La isla del Encanto”

It is almost impossible to describe the “Island of Enchantment” “La isla del Encanto” – Puerto Rico using just words. As the saying goes, “A picture [in this case a video] is worth a thousand words!” I am sure you will agree that Puerto Rico is an enchanting looking island, although you are just looking at a video.

I hope you enjoy it. Please leave a comment if you wish.

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One thought to “Island of Enchantment ♥ La Isla Del Encanto”

  1. As I look at the pictures and video on the news of all the devastation Puerto Rico has sustained with hurricanes Irma and Maria, my heart aches. I pray that they recover from this as soon as possible.

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