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Website Completed

Our ”GRAND LAUNCHING” was going to be on October 1, 2017, however, we were ahead of schedule and decided to launch on September 23, 2017. We have completed the re-designing of our entire website, with the exception of our e-Commerce portals which will not be ready and fully functional until mid to late 2018. This is the most intricate part of our website, which needs to be very secure and properly designed, therefore it will take longer to implement.

The last section we completed is The Staff page. Here, you will see the type of individuals we desire to hire. We are accepting resumé, so don’t delay.

Our Chef’s Corner page is for those who love to eat Latin Food. Paul Marin, our founder, has decided to share his recipes with you. These are just some of his signature dishes, which many of his family and friends love. For your convenience, you can print these 6″ x 4″ recipe cards FREE of charge, just download and/or print as many as you would like.

Besides eating I also have not met a Latino yet who doesn’t like Latin music so don’t forget to visit Our Heritage link. For your listening & viewing pleasure, we have added many “Hispanic Music Videos,” performed by well-known Latino Recording Artists. Feel free to stay a while and reminisce.

Under the leadership of our co-founders, Paul G. Marín Sr. and Bernard Sawyer, our corporate team, have been hard at work streamlining the entire company. From redesigning this website, to adding our Dried Herbs, Spices, and Blends product line, we are excited about creating the best Latino Foods company in the world.

Like our motto states:

“Just when you thought it couldn’t get any better!”

“¡Sólo cuándo creía que no podía ser mejor!”

Marin Blog

Marín de La Isla Verde™, is a manufacturer of authentic Hispanic foods and was established in May of 2009 by Paul G. Marín Sr. This is their Blog.

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    • Portuguese Tranlation:

    Esta página verdadeiramente tem todos os informações queria disto de assunto e não
    sabia a quem perguntar.

      English Translation:

    This page truly has all the information I wanted from this subject and did not
    know who to ask.

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